Latin Students Awarded at Competition

Valley junior Brianne Tuttle ­won first place in Costume Contest and junior Molly Brown took fourth place in Reading Comprehension at the Illinois Junior Classical League convention.

The Illinois Junior Classical League is a branch of the National  Junior Classical Association for junior high and high school students sponsored by the American Classical League.  Its purpose is to encourage an interest in and an appreciation of the language, literature and culture of ancient Greece and Rome to impart an understanding of the debt owed by our own culture to that of Classical antiquity.

Each year students attend state and national conventions to learn.  Students learn about Latin language, Greco-Roman culture, and the influence of both on the modern world as taught by their peers and Latin teachers.  Students compete individually in various academic contests such as reading comprehension, vocabulary knowledge, Greco-Roman history, and Latin and English oratory.  Students also submit pieces in a wide range of graphic arts contests like 3-D art, 2-D art, computer enhanced photography, and handicrafts.  Students highlight collaboration in team competitions of certamen (trivia game), school spirit and creative roll call.

The IJCL board and co-chairs invited the West Des Moines Community Schools Latin program and Latin Club to attend their state convention in the fall of 2010.  The convention is hosted annually in February and since 2010, students from Valley High School have been the sole representatives of Iowa at the Illinois convention.

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