Valley and Valley Southwoods Send 130 Students to IHSSA All-State

UPDATE: The VHS Mime Team “Robin ‘Hood’” was selected as the Critic’s Choice at the IHSSA Large Group Festival on Saturday. The critic, Jeff Hanson (Lampost Theatre, Cedar Falls), chose the group that, in his opinion, best exemplified the category of Group Mime.  This is the very highest honor for IHSSA performers.  Group members are seniors Sam Farrell,  Emma Schulte, Joel Snyder and juniors Sammie Binns, Jake Leiberton, and Mason McCoy.  The group is directed by Derek Claussen.

Valley High School and Valley Southwoods Freshman High School will be sending 130 students in 13 performances to the Iowa High School Speech Association’s All-State Festival Saturday, February 16 at Iowa State University.

Entries receiving a I rating at districts advance to the state competition where three judges critique the performance. Performances that receive at least two all-state nominations and are in the upper percentages of point ratings advance to all-state.

At the All-State Festival, a professional artist adjudicates the performance.  Those students performing at the All-State Festival are considered to be the highest in their areas.

Two entries also received special recognition and will be honored at the All-State Festival, but will not perform.

There will be a pep rally and send off for the students on Friday, February 15 at 12:30 p.m. in the VHS Auditorium.

Valley/VSW All-State Festival Entries

ONE ACT PLAY, Gossamar,

Directed by Kim Van Haecke,

Technical Directed by Thatcher Williams

Technical Crew: Maggie Clausman, Erin McCauley, Renee Socarras, Justin Tew, Brianne Tuttle, Maddie VanderSchoor, Claire Wright

Sammie Benson, Emily Bergez, Bailey Cook, Sam Dayton, Sammie Dehaai, Ashlee Fetters, David Forney, Lucy Gee, Sini Hamalainen, Mallory Heil, Maggie Hemken, Maddie Hurley-Boyd, Katelynn Janssen, Allison Kacer, Emily Kacer, Breanna Katcher, Maria Lind, Elle Little, Claire Maly, Alex McNunn, Savannah Mendenhall, Tessa Miksch, Anna Mokricky, Tori Muto, Olivia Novak, Lauren Pfeil, Marisa Potts, Kyle Rasmussen, Colton Redford, Elizabeth Reed, Ashley Ridgway, Megan Smith, Katherine Smoldt, Daniel Soto, Abby Tobin, Jaclyn Warden, Annie Weinberg


CHORAL READING, Bella and Boris
Directed by Stacy Hansen

Stage Manager: Allison Streck

Sam Cacciatore, Sam Farrell, Chloe Goodman, Andy Han, Grace Harper, Tommy Lau, Jessica Martens, Abbie Martin, Elise Ramaekers, Kellen Schneider, Joel Snyder, Alyssa Soto, Emma Stier, Connor Wang


CHORAL READING, The Secret of the Great Houdini

Directed by Katie Dorrell

Stage Managers: Kathryn Catellier, Grant Hillenbrand

Olivia Brock, Susannah Crichton, Lily DeTaeye, Matthew Hrdlicka, Ian Ksiazak, Paige Marshall, Nico Mulhern, Jason Nye, Caroline Stump, Jazlyn Talley, Pearl Tate, Maren Tuttle, Ramya Vemulapalli, Jake Wheeler, Ben Willcockson


READER’S THEATRE , The Elephant’s Graveyard

Directed by Stacy Hansen

Stage Manager: Julia Kilian

Sam Cohrs, Keaton Denker, Brandon Devine, Malique Drees, Caitlin Edwards, Jared Freiburg, Annie Howard, Michael Keay, Dani Lipman, Zach Love, Haley Melz, Chris Ortiz, Erin Sheffield, Ben Weinberg, Daniel Williams


TV NEWS, Metro Nine News

Directed by Glen Biermann

Tanner Barkley, Rebekah Conard, Bailey Cook, Kyra Cooper, Broc Everett, Josh Farmer, Lauren Frederick, Cheyenne Hensley, Carolyn Hoemann, Fatima Husain, Tom Maigaard, Erin McCauley, Grace Nichols, Elizabeth Reed, Anja Schepp, Grady Stein, Chase Stine, Lee Thomsen



Directed by Glen Biermann

Dylan DeClerck, Jared Freiburg, Grace Nichols, Jessica Martens, Andy Han, Elise Ramaekers



Directed by Brianne Magel and Megan Helmers

Stage Manager: Julia Kilian

Casey Johnson, Emma Lind, Emma Stier, Connor Wang, Nick Wang, Ben Weinberg



Directed by Megan Helmers and Brianne Magel

Stage Manager: Katherine Smoldt

Broc Everett, Sammy Jordan, Zach Lepperd, Shelby Reddig, Alyssa Soto, Will Ward


ENSEMBLE ACTING, The Actor’s Nightmare

Directed by Charlie Reese

Liz Cleven, Mary Hudson, Jake Leiberton, Zach Lepperd, Jessica Taylor


GROUP MIME, Robin Hood

Directed by Derek Claussen

Sammie Binns, Sam Farrell, Jake Leiberton, Mason McCoy, Emma Schulte, Joel Snyder


GROUP MIME, Salem, 1692

Directed by Derek Claussen

Hanna Anderson, Julia Anderson, Sam Cohrs, Kenzie Hamlett, Micala Johnson, Ryan Voggesser


VSW GROUP MIME, The Dybbuk Box (A Haunted Jewish Wine Box)

Directed by Katie Dorrell

Cody Thompson, Connor McCarville, Emily Carr, Ramya Vemulapalli, Sydney Sheffield, Taylor Denman


SOLO MIME, Choose the Life That Is or the Life That Can Be

Directed by David Byrd

Daniel Soto



SOLO MIME, For Better or For Worse

Directed by David Byrd

Daniel Miller



ENSEMBLE ACTING, Thistle Blossoms

Directed by Jami Bassman

Abby Hudson, Kara Masteller