Board Meeting Summary

The West Des Moines Community School District Board of Education held a meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013, and took the following action:

  • Approved the consent agenda including personnel resignations, recommendations, support staff new hires, certified staff initial contracts, minutes from the Jan. 21, 2013 and Jan. 28, 2013 meetings.
  • Held two public hearings, one for the Learning Resource Center (LRC) Renovation project and one for the Westridge Elementary Renovation project. There were no participants and no objections filed.
  • Awarded the low bid of $2,310,300 for the base bid and alternates 1-3B to Woodruff Construction, LLC for the LRC project to be paid from sales and service tax funds.
  • Awarded the low bid of $4,781,000 with alternates 1-4 to Larson & Larson Construction Management Services, LLC for the Westridge Elementary Renovation project to be paid from sales and service tax funds.
  • Approved a contract with Nationwide Cleaning Services for cleaning services at the stadium and in other buildings when district custodial staff is not available. These services will be utilized on an as-needed basis at a rate of $15.00 per hour, with a four-hour minimum.
  • Approved a student teaching agreement with Kaplan University.
  • Approved the purchase on six 84 passenger buses from School Bus Sales for a total amount of $602,328.00, which will be paid for by the sales tax fund.
  • Passed a resolution to levy property tax for fiscal year 2013‐2014 for the regular program budget adjustment as allowed under section 257.14, Code of Iowa in order to receive the budget guarantee. The Iowa legislature controls the increase in funding each student generates every year. This is called “allowable growth.” Absent action by the legislature, allowable growth for the 2013-14 school year would be 0 percent. The budget guarantee is a statutory assurance that a district’s regular program budget will grow by 1 percent. With allowable growth at 0 percent, the WDMCS district’s budget would grow less than 1 percent. Therefore, the district would be eligible for the budget guarantee.  The Iowa Department of Management has advised all eligible districts to adopt a budget guarantee resolution as a safety precaution in case allowable growth is 0 percent. If the legislature increases allowable growth to something greater than 0 percent and the district is no longer in eligible for the budget guarantee, the resolution becomes moot.
  • Authorized district administration to request from the School Budget Review Committee (SBRC) $461,429.70 of modified allowable growth for additional costs attributed to the removal, maintenance and abatement of environmental hazards.
  • Approved the bills for payment dated February 12, 2013 in the amount of $2,136,192.46.
  • Held an executive session as provided in section 21.5 (1) (e) of the open meetings law to consider whether to suspend or expel a student; reconvened into regular session; approved to suspend a student for 45 school days.

Above is an informal summary of the actions of the West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education at a recent meeting. This is provided as a service to district staff and the public. This is not the official minutes of the board meeting, but a quick rundown of action taken, not necessarily in chronological order. It does not include all non-action items or reports. Official board minutes must be approved by the board per Policy 212.1 and then are posted on our website. For live board coverage, follow our Twitter feed @WDMCS.