Online Registration Status

Our school board recently approved the contract for on-line registration with Infinite Campus.  Programmers will need at least four months to complete the necessary work – which means that on-line registration will not be available until mid to late May 2013.

Q1, How does this impact registration at the elementary schools that typically do mail in registration starting in Feb/March?
A1. Elementary schools will be asked to proceed with their existing paper based registration that are typically mailed home to parents.  When parents return their demographic sheets, if there are changes/updates that need to be made, schools will send them to the District Registrar for processing.

Q2.  How does this impact secondary schools that typically wait until August for registration?
A2. We anticipate using the new on-line registration this summer to assist with secondary school enrollments – however, it will not fully replace on-site registration, as parents/students will still need to attend on site registration in August.

Q3.  When it’s implemented – exactly how does it work?
A3.  It starts by emailing the parents and inviting them to visit a website where they can confirm if they are planning to return to school in the fall or not.  They also have the ability to see their existing information, as well the ability to edit/modify this information.  This is information is then routed to the District Registrar, who approves updated information as well as provides a list to the schools for who is returning, who is not, and who hasn’t responded.

Q4. When it’s implemented, parents will no longer have to visit the school during August, correct?
A4.  Incorrect.  On-site registration will still need to take place, as that’s where student have their photo taken for their ID badge, pick up their schedules, and other tasks.  Our desire is to move part of the registration on-line to streamline the process as much as possible, but not to remove the on-site component.

Q5. Will parents be able to pay for school fees on-line?
A5.  Yes, this component is already available within RevTrak and will be available to parents as a part of the online registration.

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