New VHS Addition Opens Jan. 3

The classrooms and cafeteria in the new three-story addition at Valley High School will be open tomorrow (Jan. 3, 2013). In addition, Phase III of construction will start and will directly affect parking and student drop-off on the east side of the building. Phase III is the last stage of construction which begins the demolition of the old cafeteria and building of the new auditorium.

Students should head to the new addition for lunch as the new cafeteria will be open. In addition, the student commons has also moved to the new addition.

Students should also go to the new addition for classes in science and family consumer science. Sewing classes have not yet moved and will be held in the same location as last semester.

Parking/Student Drop-Off
Student safety is the primary focus with changes to parking and student drop-off:

  • Due to the nature of the construction, access to the east parking lot and east main entrance will be restricted to student parking ONLY.
  • There will be a construction fence which extends from the main east door entrance to the first row of parking, closing the fire lane/driveway, and will prevent parents from dropping students off at the east door.
  • Along the construction fence will be a temporary walkway to allow students from the SE parking lot (by the baseball and softball fields) to access the main doors.
  • Students will no longer be able to be dropped off at the east doors.

Beginning Thursday, January 3, the two places where students will be dropped off will be:

  • the main north doors (facing Woodland), or
  • the new west doors (facing 39th St.)
  • We are asking that parents use the 39th St. entrance and avoid using the Woodland Ave. entrance; we want to avoid cars driving across the bus lane when students arrive in the morning.

We sincerely apologize for the unavoidable inconvenience this may cause families; we greatly appreciate your cooperation as we continue  to make Valley High School a 21st century school with world class facilities.