Jordan Creek Takes a Stand Against Bullying

It’s not easy to take a stand, but students at Jordan Creek Elementary are doing just that with the creation of the Jordan Creek Anti-Bullying Club (JC ABC). These students want to put a stop to bullying and prevent other kids from having to go through what they have had to endure.

“You’re not alone. We have all been bullied,” said JC ABC member Hailey Mendenhall. “We should take a stand so that nobody should know what it is like to be bullied and that it’s a bad thing. So if you take a stand maybe it won’t happen as much as it has before.”

This year’s sixth grade class got the idea from a similar club started at Crossroads Park Elementary last year by a student, Drew Minard.

“I was visiting guidance classes last spring, when his [Drew Minard] article was in the paper,” said Jordan Creek Counselor Barb Tigges. “Some of the fifth graders, who are now our sixth graders, asked, ‘Can we start that club here?’”

Staff at Jordan Creek loved the idea and took steps to make it happen. Members of the Character Counts Committee at Jordan Creek met with Minard at his school counselor, Kelli Ladd,  last spring and he shared the success they had at Crossroads Park.

Since then, the JC ABC has grown into a group with 34 students. The club meets once a month before school and every other week during lunch. Sixth graders are taking the leadership role in piloting the club this year and they expect it grow long after they have moved onto junior high.

“Kids, year after year when they become sixth graders, will be asking to be in the Anti-Bullying Club because they want to stop it too.” predicts club member Lindsay Amundson.

As a part of membership to the JC ABC, students must sign a pledge to take a STAND against bullying:

  • Show good character every day.
  • Treat others the way I wanted to be treated.
  • Always report bullying to an adult at school or at home.
  • Never bully others or laugh with a bully.
  • Do my best to help anyone who is bullied.

The club’s first project of the year was an anti-bullying video they premiered at a school assembly. The club will continue projects throughout the school year and would like to visit other schools in the district to help get them start an anti-bulling club.

“I’m hoping that throughout the school year other schools will be able to do an anti-bullying club and that nobody gets bullied and it will spread throughout the whole West Des Moines District,” said club member Allison Hisel.

Hopes that began with Drew Minard’s dream.

“They started it at Crossroads Park, but Drew always wanted other schools in West Des Moines to start similar clubs,” said Tigges. “We told him we were going to be piloting ours this fall, so I’m sure he would be excited to know that his dream is starting to come true.”