Crestview’s Sportsmanship Rewarded

A lesson learned in sportsmanship turned into a reward for sixth graders at Crestview Elementary. The annual sixth grade volleyball tournament pits sixth grade teams from each elementary school in the district against one another for an afternoon at Valley High School. The tournament is not only designed for students to work on their athletic ability, but also to work on encouraging others, having fun and sportsmanship.

Sportsmanship was the name of Crestview’s game as both the boys and girls teams were awarded the sportsmanship trophy. The PTC decided this great accomplishment deserved a special reward.

PTC members came up with the idea to treat the students with a fancy lunch at Cosi Cucina, which is down the block from the school. Staff at the restaurant generously came in early to serve the students lunch, which they provided at a special price.

The PTC also invited Callista Gould, a certified etiquette instructor from the Culture and Manners Institute, to speak to the students before the meal. She talked to them about how to sit properly, table settings, what to do with your napkin when you excuse yourself from the table and how to lay your silverware on your plate when resting during the meal or when you are finished with your meal.

Students and staff then enjoyed a lunch of salad and their choice of fettuccini alfredo or penne with red sauce, before walking back to school for desert.

The students had a lot of fun at their special meal, a well-deserved reward for having the best sportsmanship around!