Audit, Abatement Project Approved

The West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education held a public hearing Monday, Dec. 10 on the Valley High School Phase 3B 2013 Asbestos Abatement Project at which time members of the public could express their views on the proposed bid for the project. No one spoke at the hearing and no objections were filed.

Public notice of the hearing was published in the Nov. 26 edition of the Des Moines Register, emailed to all WDMCS staff members, emailed to all Valley High School parents in the daily Valley announcements, posted on the Valley website, and posted on Facebook and Twitter.

The board accepted REW Services Corporation’s asbestos abatement base bid in the amount of $197,675.

The work to be performed includes removal of interior asbestos in rooms on the northeast corner of the building and portions of the auditorium. The abatement work at Valley High School will be conducted on designated weekends and breaks starting Jan. 11, 2013. Areas slated for abatement will be closed off and isolation barriers will be installed. Containment measures will also be implemented. All work will be conducted according to the EPA’s published guidelines and standards. Air quality reports will be posted on the Valley website and will also be available in the Valley office.

The board also approved the 2011-2012 district audit. Mia Frommelt of of Bohnsack & Frommelt LLP reviewed the full audit report during the workshop session, which was held just prior to the regular meeting.

During this review, Frommelt noted that in 2012 $56.3 million in district revenue came from property taxes, $7.5 million from statewide sales and services tax, $38.7 million from state appropriations, and $5.6 million comes from federal appropriations. In 2012, $63.2 million was spent on instruction, $31.4 on support services, $30 million on capital outlay, and $5.6 on debt service.

In addition, the board took the following actions:

  • approved the consent agenda including personnel resignations, recommendations, support staff new hires, certified staff initial contracts, early retirements, minutes from the Nov. 19, 2012 workshop and regular meeting and the Dec. 3, 2012 special meeting, a request from the Valley Competition Cheerleading Squad to attend the National Cheerleader’s Association Jr. and Sr. High Nationals in Dallas, Texas in January, a request from the Valley and Valley Southwoods Classical Cultures Club to attend the Illinois Junior Classical League Convention in Itasca, Ill. in March, a request from the Valley Jazz Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble to attend the Eau Claire Jazz festival in Eau Claire, Wis. in April,
  • VHS Improvements 2011 Phase 2 change orders for Architectural Arts ($0) to adjust framing so data cabling could be installed behind the cabinetry, for Allied Construction Services ($0) to adjust the flooring tile color in the servery and dining areas due to a dimensional error in product manufacturing and subsequent availability of replacement product, for Architectural Wall Systems ($1,638), Forrest and Associate ($17,061), Olympic Companies ($5,320), and SGH ($3,304) to adjust construction details at building structure connection points and enclosure wall detailing,
  • VHS Improvements 2011 Phase 3B change orders for DDVI, Inc. ($0) to clarify finish and materials legend and for Brockway Mechanical ($0) to clarify staging operation for chiller programming sequence,
  • a Crossroads Park Elementary change order for Siemens (-$2,268) for back-charges from Systemworks for additional back-checking required for commissioning items,
  • a Walnut Creek Campus change order for Olympic Companies ($296) to drywall ceiling patch at elevator equipment room and wall patch in storage,
  • final acceptance of work completed by Academy Roofing and Sheet Metal Co. for the Clegg Park Walnut Creek Campus 2012 Reroof Project;
  • denied an open enrollment request for being submitted after the deadline and not meeting good cause;
  • approved the Iowa Communications (ICN) termination letter for Valley High School;
  • approved a Stilwell Phase 3 change order for Nikkel and Associates ($13,502) to add five recessed light fixtures at lowered bulkhead, upgrade wiring for warewasher from 3/4” to 3” and extended to different panel that could accept the larger load and provide wiring and panel required but not shown in documents;
  • accepted the 11/12/2012 contract proposal from SystemWorks LLC for commissioning services and testing and balancing services for the Westridge Elementary renovation project in the amount of $92,280 and for the Learning Resource Center renovation project in the amount of $47,480;
  • approved for signature the Valley High School Phase 3B contracts, which were awarded on Oct. 24, 2012, from Van Maanen Electric, Inc. ($3,720,000), Hansen Company, Inc. ($6,690,000), DDVI ($6,920,000), Forrest & Assoc. ($946,100), Midwest Automatic Fire Sprinkler Co. ($396,700), Jensen Builders, LTD ($874,400),  and Clark, Glass, Inc. ($550,151);
  • approved a MAPCON Software Support service agreement ($4,240) used by all operations service areas, nutrition and each of the school and support buildings to initiate and track maintenance work requests and associated costs;
  • approved an agreement with Ohio State University – National East Asian Languages Resource Center for Chinese Out of Box ($650), which provides culture activity materials for Chinese classrooms at Valley and Valley Southwoods;
  • approved a contract for Gallup’s PrincipalInsight ($8,450), a research-based, structured online screening assessment for applicants who seek school leadership positions;
  • authorized the administration to request from the School Budget Review Committee (SBRC) an additional $1,051,875 in spending authority for the district in fiscal year 2012-2013 for modified allowable growth for increased enrollment, increased open enrolled out students, and LEP instruction;
  • approved the 2013-2014 District Calendar;
  • approved the Program of Studies Proposals for 2013-2014;
  • approved the Program of Studies Process;
  • approved to cast a ballot for District #5a IASB board member;
  • approved the bills for payment dated Dec. 10, 2012 in the amount of $ 4,917,703.32.