Girl with "I voted" sticker

Students Learn About Voting at Phenix

Ana Galvez proudly displays her “I Voted” sticker.

Students at Phenix Elementary learned about the importance of Election Day and the rights and responsibilities of citizens who vote.  Librarian Kristy Skoglund set up a mock election at the Phenix library, complete with ballots and voting booths.  Her students were led in a discussion about ballots, candidates and the importance of voting.  Students enjoyed learning about and participating in the election process.  In Mary Johnson’s classroom, second graders watched a video about the history and importance of voting in America, and discussed why every vote counts.  In Jessica George’s class, second graders worked on different voting activities to help them learn about what it means to be able to vote.  All in all, Phenix students were eager to discover more about the voting process and make sure their vote counts!