Girls sing around a microphone at Rock in Prevention

Students Rock Anti-Bullying Message

On Monday, Oct. 22, more than 40 Valley Southwoods and Valley High School students came to Jordan Creek Elementary to share an anti-bullying message.

Their activity was part of the Rock in Prevention’s Rock LIVE program, which is a live, in-school educational workshop on anti-bullying.

Through the program, high school students serve as Rock in Prevention mentors. The Valley Southwoods and Valley students shared songs, danced and organized skits to inspire and empower the younger students to continue to build a positive school environment. They also modeled how to have healthy relationships with each other and to stand up to bullies.

While working with the Jordan Creek students, the high school mentors exemplified respect and responsibility and showed the younger students how they can grow up and be successful in school, in extra-curricular activities and in life.