Breton Clark, Savannah Burnham and Sara Reitelbach with clarinets

Life in the WDMCS 10/15/12

Life in the WDMCS is a new weekly feature that will highlight what is happening at each of our buildings. If a school is not listed, there was no submission from that building this week.

 Hillside Elementary
Third grade has been off to excellent start at Hillside Elementary. Students have been working very hard and enjoying their stay at Hope! Social studies has appeared to be the highlight for students so far as they study a cartography unit. They have been exploring maps for the past two weeks, to find the different elements of maps. They have been studying how to create maps using a map key, map symbols, a compass rose and map scale. They are even starting to look at maps of communities and identifying the different types of communities (urban, suburban, and rural) based on their characteristics.

Hillside’s fourth and fifth grade Spanish-speaking students attended the annual Native Speaker Quiz Bowl. This is an event to celebrate language and culture by playing games, being in community with one another and enjoying an authentic sweet treat…churros! Students who participated were fourth graders Michelle Gonzalez, Bryan Jurado, Victor Lara Espinoza, Maria Morquecho-Ruiz, Stephanie Berber, Leslie Dominguez, Gabe Pruneda, Aurora Salcido, Brandon Stubbs, Jose Valdivia, Alondra Berber, Jennifer Berber, Noemy Berber, Leo Buenrostro, Michelle Macias, Nina Meza and Korina Valles; and fifth graders Johanna Fernandez, Giselle Lozano, Alexis Nava Becerril, Danny Ponce, David Redrovan, Julio Sanchez, Lesly de la Cruz, Andrea Hernandez-Ruiz, Armando Morales, Bryan Redrovan, Perla Reveles, Luis Rodriguez Romero and Demetrio Ortiz.

Jordan Creek Elementary
Jordan Creek third graders had the pleasure of hosting Amy Kopatich from Blank Park Zoo. Kopatich brought a macaw, hissing cockroach, porcupine and ball python – all animals associated with the rainforest habitat which students have studied as a science unit. Kopatich shared a wealth of information about each animal and the layer of the rainforest in which it lives. It’s fortunate that the macaw lives in the great outdoors, as he was quite vocal! Students were able to pet the large snake and meet Daphne, the docile porcupine. Third graders loved the opportunity to get up-close and personal with these creatures of the rainforest!

The first performance of this year’s fifth grade beginning band class at Jordan Creek Elementary will be Oct. 25 at 7 p.m. in the community room. It is an exciting event that you won’t want to miss. The class will demonstrate what they have learned to this point and talk about some of the events to come. It will give you an opportunity to see first-hand what is being accomplished in an instrumental music program.

Three Jordan Creek fifth grade girls who enjoy curling up with a good book wanted to provide the opportunity for students at their school to also curl up with a great book in their media center. After the media center specialist, Kristy Skoglund, mentioned some of her dreams for the media center, the girls took off with the idea. They decided to have neighborhood bake sales to raise money for rockers and bean bags for their media center. They baked many pans of Rice Krispie bars and cookies. They also organized a Change for Chairs drive in their school. After much hard work, Avery Merkley, Alexa Price and Carly Bauman were able to present $400 to Skoglund and the media assistant Beth Basile. The girls have been promised the first day in the chairs and will encourage others to curl up with a great book in their media center.

Phenix Elementary
Students at Phenix Elementary have been busy reviewing their Spanish skills from last year and are beginning to learn new concepts tied to their classroom curriculum. Second graders are studying landforms in Spanish, where they will compare the landforms in Mexico to those in the United States. Third graders are doing a geography unit where they study continents, oceans, directions and communities. First graders are starting anew with colors and numbers in Spanish, along with the learning how to talk about all the items in their classroom. Spanish teacher, Allyson Day, is also learning while taking a training course with other elementary Spanish teachers to learn to integrate iPads into the elementary Spanish curriculum. It looks to be a great year of learning for all! ¡Olé!

Western Hills Elementary
The fifth grade classes at Western Hills had the opportunity to meet a young author from the Des Moines metro area. Jade Miller, a 13-year-old that published a book called “Sybil’s Ride of Courage,” spoke to all four classes about the process she went through to write and publish her book at the age of 12. The classes were able to ask questions of Jade and many were inspired by her story. Jade’s books were also sold at Western Hills’ book fair with a portion of the proceeds going back to the school’s library.

Indian Hills Junior High
Indian Hills Junior High will be hosting its second annual bike donation day on Oct. 18 from 7:45 a.m.- 3 p.m. People can clean out their garage of unwanted bikes and bike parts for a great cause and receive a tax deduction. If you have questions, please contact Wesley Hall at 633-4762.

Stilwell Junior High
The Stilwell 8th grade football teams just wrapped up a perfect 17-0 season. The A and B teams each won all six games and the C team won all five games played this year. In addition to being undefeated, not a single point was scored against the B team the entire season. This is the first time in Stilwell history that all of their football teams have been undefeated. The teams were coached by Craig Herr, Scott LaPlante, Chris Larson, Matt Vaske, Mark Verbrugge and Brady Weber. The coaches said that they will miss this group of guys, but can’t wait to see what they do next year at Valley.

Instead of paying for admission to the all school dance, Stilwell students can donate nonperishable goods. After the first dance Stilwell collected approximately 150 pounds of food. The I-Care program delivered the food to the Eddie Davis Community Center for their food pantry. Stilwell is proud to support its community!

Valley High School
On Friday, Oct. 5 the Valley varsity football players, trainers and cheerleaders returned to their former elementary schools to visit. They either visited individual classrooms or participated in an all school assembly. The football players talked about good sportsmanship and how they use the pillars of character both on and off the field. Before they left the schools, the cheerleaders lead everyone in a cheer and encouraged the elementary students to bring their families to a Valley football game.

Walnut Creek
Walnut Creek Campus welcomed dancers to the school to share about the Brazilian martial arts/dance capoeira. The students watched a demonstration and practiced basic moves. Capoeira is a form of martial arts that is disguised as dance. It was started in Brazil by African slaves as a way to train the mind and body in preparation to over throw their Portuguese oppressors. Once in Brazil, they were able to come together through capoeira in order to fight their oppressors. A special thank you to Julio and Holly for the demonstration and to Cultureall for connecting us with the group.

Clive Elementary
Clive Elementary six grade band students participated at Valleyfest. Sixth, seventh and eight grade band students came together to perform as one district marching band and played the Valley Fight Song with the help of several high school students. Before taking the field on a frigid day, they warmed up in the gym at Valley Southwoods Freshman School. Students enjoyed their experience.

Crestview Elementary
The Clive Fire Department joined students, staff and parents at Crestview Elementary for the Healthiest State Walk on October 3. This is the second year Crestview participated in the walk and the first year its business partners, the City of Clive, were invited to join the walk at the school.

Crossroads Park Elementary
On Friday, October 5, Crossroads Park students strengthened their good character in an afternoon assembly presented by Valley High School football players and cheerleaders. These celebrities, who are also former Crossroads Park students, spoke to current Crossroads Park students about good sportsmanship, good character and being respectful to all. Elementary age students were able to ask questions of the high school students and a few children showing respect during the assembly were rewarded with some fun Valley gear.