District Unveils New Tiger and Tiger Paw Logos

V-TigerThe Board of Education for the West Des Moines Community School District approved tiger and tiger paw logo designs for use throughout the district in an effort create a brand that will instill a sense of pride and unity in the WDMCS. The tiger logo is the first official tiger logo the district has had.

A committee of students from Valley and Valley Southwoods along with Valley, VSW and district administrators and members of the athletic, band, vocal, orchestra and drama booster clubs collaborated with Love Scott & Associates, a West Des Moines marketing firm, to create the logos. History, flexibility and longevity were all considered in the collaborative effort to come up with the logos as described here:

The tiger emerges through the traditional Valley V, putting its best foot forward, which is the standard of the students, faculty and community that make up the WDMCS. The tiger has a fierce, prowling stare portraying a feeling of intensity, pride and passion. The tiger is proudly in front of the V, defending its honor, history and the integrity of Valley High School and the community at large. It is fierce, but not roaring, strong but not violent and has a thousand-yard stare. The tiger paw is a stylized WDMCS tiger paw. It is custom and distinct, stylistically designed to seamlessly fit into the logo system as a secondary mark to the tiger.

The two main marks in the logo package can be made specific to each activity and sport in the district. The logo system was developed using the current district fonts, colors and historical marks, including the Valley V, which was not changed in this process. The Valley V will remain as the main identifying mark of Valley High School.

The booster club will have a variety of apparel displaying the new logos available for the public to purchase at the Dial Bowl Aug. 10.

The new logo package is in the process of being trademarked.