Jordan Creek Students Have Fun With Science

Jordan Creek Science Fair

Assistant Principal Graham Jones and Principal Dr. Nancy Moorhead congratulate the winners of the Jordan Creek Science Fair.

Jordan Creek fifth and sixth graders showed just how scientific they could be at the Jordan Creek Science Fair April 20. Students had eight weeks to research, gather materials, collect data, prepare a display and write a presentation.

More than 40 students prepared projects in one of two categories – invention and investigation. Special judges were invited to score each presentation including Principal Nancy Moorhead, Assistant Principal Graham Jones, Superintendent Peter Ansingh, WDMCS Curriculum Director Lauriene Lanich and school board members. They judged the projects on neatness of display, use of graphics and use of artifacts. Students with an investigation project were also judged on their verbal presentation for stating a problem, background research, hypothesis, procedure, results and conclusion. Students with an invention project were judged on their use of problem, research, materials, demonstration and conclusion in their verbal presentation. 

The top presentation in the Investigation category went to sixth grader Grant Haverman for his project titled Drinks for Plants, while sixth graders JJ Kapur and Ashwin Sinha shared top honors in the Invention category for their projects on Kinetic Energy Machine and Solar Charger, respectively.

Purple ribbons went to those who scored 135-140 points: Radha Velamuri, Quinn Fox, Jessica Haugen, Jack Kinseth, Kyle Kopf, Michael Bryan, Anders Nelson, Ana Johnson, James Meng, Grant Haverman, Maria Hoffart, JJ Kapur, Joel Shaner, Ashwin Sinha, Conner Smith, Emily Ash and Evan Porter.

Blue ribbons were awarded to those students who scored 100-134 points: Jessica Olander, Satvikram Metls, Will Golay, Shuvethan Sivagurunathan, Travis Meyers, Chase Henderson, Daniel Nichols, Rachel Steim, Nate Meyers, Marcus Chew, Matt Christensen, Blake Grevengoed, Ellen Erickson, Alex Peterson and Nick Meyers.