Valley Hosts Chinese Dignitaries

VHS Hosts Chinese Delegation

VHS Chinese IV students escorted the dignitaries and helped to act as translators.

An official delegation from the Heibei Province, led by Heibei Governor Zhang Quingwei, visited Valley High School today. These special visitors were part of the 200-member delegation visiting Governor Terry Branstad as part of China Vice President Xi Jingping’s visit to Iowa.

Valley High School’s sister school, Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School, is located in the Heibei Province. Valley students and staff will be visiting the school for the third time in March. They have hosted students and staff from the SFLS three times, most recently in February 2011.

Also from the visitng delegation were:

  • Zhang Qingli – Party Secretary of CPC Hebei Committee and Chairman of Hebei People’s Congress
  • Jing Chunhua – Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Hebei Committee and the Secretary General of CPC Hebei Committee
  • Yang Quanshe – Director-General of the Foreign Affairs Office of Hebei Provincial People’s Government
  • Wang Zhixin – Director-General of Hebei Commerce Department
  • Ye Changqing – Vice Executive President of Hebei People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (Interpreter)
  • Mu Kefa – Secretary of Vice Director Level of the General Office of CPC Hebei Committee
  • Zhang Zhijun – Director of N&S Americas of the General Office of CPC Hebei Committee
  • Wang Ligang – Corrorditor of Government Relations of General Office of CPC Hebei Committee
VHS Chinese Delegation
Many gifts were exchanged, including this parchment given to the district from the Chinese delegation.

The group was greeted at the main doors of the school by the Valley Chinese Lion Dragon Team, which also escorted the group through the building. They were presented with gifts from Principal Jim Mollison in the media center before stopping at the Chinese classroom for a quick lesson. Zhang Quingwei pointed out on the map of China where they were from and explained to students about their visit.

The group then moved to the VHS auditorium for a short program, which included the playing of the Chinese and U.S. National Anthems. WDMCS Superintendent Dr. Peter Ansingh presented a special gift to the delegation, which also presented a special gift to the district.

Valley students Tasha Himes and Will Crichton performed a Chinese poem and tounge-twister before a performance by the Valley show choir, Choralation.