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Valley Graduate Tanner Stine Stars on Nickelodeon

When Tanner Stine was eight years old, he told his mom he wanted to be a movie star. jc_TannerStine_1

The 2013 Valley High School graduate is on his way to reaching his goal. This fall he is starring as “Oyster” in Nickelodeon’s “The Thundermans.”

  • Click here to see Tanner Stine as “Oyster” in Nickelodeon’s “The Thundermans.” The show airs Saturdays at 8 p.m.
  • See his return to Valley High School here.

Now living in Los Angeles, the 19-year-old Stine recently returned home to watch the premiere of his appearance in the TV show, and to stop by Jordan Creek Elementary to have lunch with his younger brother Dawson. He also visited his friend Abbie Kliegl at Valley High School and younger brother Chase, who is a senior at Valley.

Coming back to school was nostalgic for Stine.  “The biggest thing I noticed is how much smaller it is,” Stine said of Jordan Creek Elementary compared to when he was younger.

Although Stine knew early on he wanted to be an actor, it was not his only interest. After being in plays at the Des Moines Playhouse in fifth and sixth grade, he changed his focus in seventh grade and started to play football.

jc_TannerStine_lunch2“I love football and I still watch it today and wonder if I should have played football instead of coming out to L.A.,” Stine said. He was a junior when Valley High School won the state championship in 2011. Stine said he has great memories of playing football, but it wasn’t easy. He worked hard to improve while playing second string for most of high school.

Things changed his senior year. He become a starter for the Valley football team and competed in the IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Association) in Los Angeles, where he won Junior Male Actor of the Year and Junior Male Model of the Year.

Stine was signed right away with an agent. He moved to California and started attending Santa Monica College. He also started auditioning and got a part for one episode on Nickelodeon’s “The Haunted Hathaways.” He later auditioned for the “The Thundermans.”

“It was like a one audition deal,” Stine explained of his audition for “The Thundermans.” “They filmed it and the casting directors in the room liked what I did. A few days later they called and said you booked it. I said, ‘No call back?'”

He was initially hired for only two episodes, but the show kept calling him back. He ended up filming eight episodes.jc_TannerStine_teacher

In addition to acting, Stine attends Santa Monica College. Looking back on his education, Stine said what has helped him the most is learning that hard work leads to success.

“I think that was the biggest lesson for me in school was learning that the effort you choose to put into things is what you are going to get out,” he said. “I believe that you can do whatever you want to do — it’s just a matter of how hard you work to get it.”


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WDMCS Board Approves Retirement Plan, Fresh Fruit Program and More

The West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education held its annual meeting Sept. 10, 2012, and took the following action:

  • approved the proposed 2013-2014 Early Retirement Plan, which has no changes from the previous year’s plans, to allow eligible district staff to have the opportunity to plan further in advance when making a decision concerning retirement; (more…)

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WDMCS tax rate, tentative teacher agreement approved

On April 9, 2012, the West Des Moines Community School District Board of Education approved the 2012-13 certified budget and tax rate of $13.30, which remains the lowest in the metro area. This compares to the 2011-12 rate of $13.85. The board reviewed the certified budget during a workshop on March 12 and held a public hearing during the April 9meeting. More information and the March 12 PowerPoint presentation is available at (more…)

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WDMCS Board: Hires Principal, Curriculum Director and Approves Website Redesign

The West Des Moines Community School District Board of Education met in regular session on Monday, March 12, 2012, and took the following action:

  • Approved the hiring of Graham Jones as the principal of Jordan Creek Elementary beginning July 1, 2012;
  • Approved the hiring of Stephanie Wilson as curriculum director beginning July 1, 2012;
  • Approved the Kids West 2012-13 Parent Handbook; (more…)

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Math and Reading For Breakfast

Eric, the father of a Westridge Elementary first grader, changed his morning routine today.

Instead of sitting at home for breakfast and then going to work, he was sitting on the floor of Ms. Robbins’ class listening to his son read.


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WDMCS School Board Approves Courses, DINA Plan, Facility Project Bids

The WDMCS Board of Education held a regular meeting on Monday, Dec. 12, 2011, and took the following action:

  • accepted all the K-9 Curriculum Cycle, Indian Hills and Stilwell, and Valley Southwoods 2012-13 Program of Studies proposals. (more…)

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Positioned Perfectly to Address Our Challenges

[youtube=]I began my work in the West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) on July 1 meeting with the school board, with staff and some community members. I have also had the opportunity to participate in several statewide education-related activities like the Governor’s Education Summit.

I recently had the opportunity to share with the district staff the five challenges for the WDMCS in the coming months and into next year that I have been able to identify so far:

  1. Changing leadership;
  2. Changing demographics;
  3. State/federal budget reductions;
  4. State educational reform; and
  5. NCLB reauthorization. (more…)

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