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Unique Programs and Courses

Course Title 10 11 12 One semester Two semesters Credit Pre-requisite Required
Certified Nursing Assistant X X X X 4 Yes
EL Work Study X X X X 1 Yes
Extended Learning Program (ELP) X X X X 1 Yes
Health X X X X 1 No
Honors Seminar X X X X 1 Yes
Information Technology Pathways* X X X X 1 No
Introduction to Education X X X 1 Yes
Education Practicum X X X 1 Yes
Lab Assistant* X X X .5 Yes
Senior Field Experience X X 1 Yes
Success Center/Learning Lab X X X X 1 No

Course Descriptions and Numbers


The information on this page has been updated for the 2017-18 school year. Please see the 2016-17 curriculum catalog for this school year.