Music, Movement & The Arts

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If you listen closely you might just hear the walls at Hillside talking; telling the story of the students who learn and grow here.  Their creative work fills the school and tells a tale of how music, movement, language, and fine arts are woven together with math and reading, science and social studies to enhance  learning.  The  talented teachers who teach our special classes work closely with classroom teachers to create experiences that integrate their expertise with core learning.  Students studying adaptation  find they must adapt the way they move in Physical Education class.  A class studying transformation creates a sculpture that stands in tribute to what they learned, what they understand and can do.  Studying culture means learning about the music and actually playing the instruments of that culture. Students sheared the sheep, created the wool and wove the Character Counts banners that hang in our entryway. Their hands created the tiles that tell the story of the beginning of Hillside and how two schools became one. Music, movement, art, and meaningful content come together to create performances and musicals that showcase student work in a artistic way.  Explore Hillside.  Learn more about how our hallways really do tell a story.

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