Significant Question:  How are things in the world related?

Masterwork:  First Steps by Pablo Picasso & First Steps by Vincent Van Gogh

Original Creation:   Students create Picasso inspired body portrait using pictures of their own heads and body parts cut out from magazines.  They also reflect and write about a group they belong to.  The paintings  are similar to the technique Van Gogh used in his paintings.

Overview:   Relationships are everywhere.  Young students are learning how their personal experiences and immediate surroundings are related to the world around them.  Understanding how things are connected or related to one another helps a student link new learning to previous understanding.  Early educational experiences expose children to many abstract symbols/labels that represent spoken language and sounds, groups of objects, operations, etc.  Understanding the relationships between the abstract and the concrete is fundamental to future learning.

kindergarten relationships








Kindergarten- Communication

Significant Question: How and why do we communicate with the world around us?

Masterwork:  Roadblock  by Norman Rockwell

Focus Statement:   We use communication to share with and learn from the world around us.  We communicate to express what we know and feel, and to understand the knowledge and feelings of others.  All living things communicate through many forms.  Kindergartners come to school able to communicate verbally and nonverbally.  However, improving verbal skills and awareness of nonverbal cues is critical to educational development.  The first year of formal education provides opportunities for children to communicate through writing and read the writing of others.  Improving skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening is essential and at the core of kindergarten learning.