2nd Grade

Second Grade

Significant Question:  How does the environment influence a way of life?

Masterwork:  Elm Grove: 1936 Dorthea Lange

Original Creation: Students adapt recycled materials to create/invent an item that will improve their daily situations.

Overview:   What does it mean to adapt?  Is it something that you do for a short period of time, or is it an experience that can change you forever?  Are humans the only adaptable organism on this planet?  Second grade explores the idea of adaptation in humans, plants and animals with its Adaptation Artful Learning Unit.  Our masterwork is the photograph Elm Grove: 1936 by Dorothea Lange, which depicts a depression-era family who must adapt to their harsh environment.  Throughout this unit, students explore adaptation with their own bodies to environmental changes, adaptation of plants to different environments, and adaptation of ways of life within people groups.  Many artful learning techniques, such as poetry in motion, shape poetry and tear art are used throughout the unit to help students grasp this important concept.

adaption master work ADAPTION adaptation 2 adaptaion 4