1st Grade

First Grade

Significant Question:  How do we connect to our world?

Masterwork:  Cat Encircled by Flight of a Bird by Joan Miro

Original Creation: Students create costumes and perform “Bugz the Musical” –a story that explains the connections we have with each other and the world around us.

Overview: Our world is made up of smaller communities.  We make connections within those communities through our senses, our observations, and discoveries.  We are connected through experiences, observations, what we learn, and share.  In this unit students learn how connections are made and how we use those connections to discover and learn about the world around us.  Students explore insects and the connections they make with their own communities.  Students experience, inquire, create, and reflect.

Blind Mice bug hunt collage chains Raccon River 2 soundscapebugzmaster workRaccoon River 1