Hillside Elementary
713 8th Street, West Des Moines, IA 50265 (view map)
Call 515-633-6200 (Fax 515-633-6299)

Principal: Dr. Graham Jones


Hours: 9:05 a.m.-3:55 p.m.

Collaboration Schedule: Wednesdays 9:05 a.m.-3:10 p.m.

Grades served: K-6

jonesgThe staff of Hillside is pleased to welcome all of our new and returning families to the Hillside learning community! We hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready for a year full of tremendous learning experiences.

This year we will be celebrating our 14th year of being an elementary school at West Des Moines Community Schools, as well as our 14th year of being selected as a legacy school for Artful Learning by the Leonard Bernstein Foundation. Artful Learning is a comprehensive school improvement model specially designed to engage students at a deeper level of inquiry and understanding that can be achieved with standard educational approaches. By providing educators with a unique framework to present academic content, Artful Learning links the arts and the artistic process to the daily classroom experience. Artful Learning employs an interdisciplinary approach that is anchored by a central Concept while posing a Significant Question that allow educators to teach a board spectrum of rigorous academic content. Studying through the lens of the arts generates a measurably deeper level of comprehension and retention with our students.

When your child comes home from school each night, try asking them a new question this year: “How did you learn today?” Then smile as they describe their learning journey with you.

We are going to have a great year together! Be prepared to celebrate your child’s learning every day through Artful Learning!

Mr. Jones

Learning Across the Curriculum through the Arts

Welcome to Hillside Elementary where our students are engaged in Artful Learning—an approach that integrates the arts, to encourage deeper thinking and understanding in core subjects. Here students are experiencing, questioning, creating, and reflecting. Our hallways and classrooms are filled with creative expression and students’ original creations that showcase what they know, understand, and can do. Students at Hillside explore; they enjoy; they make friends, and begin to discover who they are as they grow as students and as members of the community. We invite you to explore Hillside. Discover how integrating the arts and this unique approach to learning are making a difference in students’ lives. Learn with us. Visit our school blogs and click on the Artful Learning in Action link to find out more about how we learn at Hillside.