Students Explore Russia’s Culture, History

Fourth-graders at Westridge Elementary have just completed a wonderful trip to Russia. They packed their suitcases, applied for passports, and boarded the plane for their two-week journey through this cold country. The students learned about Russian tourism, culture, geography, literature, animals, and history, and have done lots of great research. The highlights include learning about the Russian czars and making czar crowns, reading Baba Yaga fairy tales, touring the beautiful cities of Russia, and painting Russian Faberge eggs. According to Julia Krob from 4A, “Learning about the culture of Russia was very interesting. What I thought was really American was actually Russian.” Matt Schmalz from 4B feels that “Russia is very cool because it has lots of onion domes in architecture.” Ethan Rosendahl from 4C also enjoyed Russian culture. He liked learning about St. Basils Cathedral because “we talked about Ivan the Terrible and the architects who built it.”