Hillside Elementary Receives Legacy Award

The Leonard Bernstein Center in New York has awarded Hillside Elementary School the Legacy School Award for its implementation of the Center’s Artful Learning approach for nearly 12 years.

Patrick Bolek, lead artful learning trainer, presented the award to Principal Dr. Robert Davis at the May 11 meeting of the West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education. The school and its approach to learning was the feature of the School Board’s workshop that night.

Artful Learning is a school improvement model of the Leonard Bernstein Center. American composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein’s vision was to use music and the other fine and performing arts as a means of instilling a lifelong love of learning in students. Artful Learning embeds the arts within the learning process through a carefully researched, concept-based, interdisciplinary model that has proven to increase comprehension in students as well as improve academic achievement

Hillside has used the Artful Learning model longer than any school in Iowa.