“Buck Wilder” Author Visits Crestview School of Inquiry

BuckWilder3Tim Smith, author of the Buck Wilder series, visited Crestview School of Inquiry on Feb. 22.

“See this eraser? It’s your best friend!” he told students as he talked about the importance of revising their work.  “You don’t have to be the best in your class, but if you want to publish books, or be a great cook, accomplished musician, or basketball player, you need to be the one who tries the hardest.”

Smith went on to explain he was not the top student in school, but when he worked hard, he was able to meet goals he had for himself.

Smith has written books on fishing, boating, camping and animal wisdom along with paperback chapter books about ants, bees, fish and other aspects of nature. Smith’s books not only make kids laugh, but are designed to inspire kids to set goals for themselves, as well as make informed decisions to preserve our natural resources.