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Heart Rate Monitors Provide Data for Supporting Student Health

This school year, WDMCS students from fourth grade through high school have been introduced to a new physical educational technology and curriculum system called the Interactive Health Technologies Spirit System. This new technology engages students in the latest heart rate monitor and assessment technology available today.

Welcome to IHT – Intro Video


The heart rate monitors are worn during P.E. class, and are designed to help students gain instant feedback on their effort. This program also engages and educates students on a variety of fitness activities that optimize cardiovascular endurance, stamina, flexibility, speed, core strength, power, coordination and self-confidence.

The IHT Spirit System is designed to lend a hand to both teacher and student. Goals include helping students understand their own health and take ownership of their overall well-being for life. 

Tracking Progress

Student and teachers will be interviewed throughout the year to gain feedback on the benefits of this new program. In addition, data collected through the monitors will assist P.E. teachers and families work with their students to develop and attain health goals.

Questions related to this program can be directed to the student’s P.E. teacher or contact Brian Rhoads, K-12 Physical Education Curriculum Leader, at 515-633-5158 or email