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Demo Teacher Spotlight

Meet Gretchen Fackler, this year’s Demonstration Teacher Coordinator. You should already be familiar with Gretchen, as she has worked in the district for almost 17 years. She began her career at Jordan Creek, where she spent 11 years, then served as an instructional coach before returning to a third-grade classroom at Hillside Elementary three years ago.

Gretchen is passionate about the Demo Teacher program because she believes it gives teachers an avenue to learn from each other.

“I love to collaborate, and something I love doing with teachers is brainstorming,” Gretchen said. “If they see something in my classroom, [they can consider] how they can incorporate that into their teaching style and into their classroom.”

She encourages teachers to observe, take notes, and be open-minded to what they can learn from their peers. A few of the topics include:

  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Flexible Seating
  • Classroom Management
  • Project Based Learning
  • Canvas
  • Technology Integration

To sign-up to visit any of the more than 30 demo teachers across the district, visit the website link below.

Demo Teacher Website