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Jordan Creek PE Teacher Ducks His Duties

jc-duck3Jordan Creek physical education teacher Luis Suarez does a lot to make his classes fun for students. One thing he never though he would do? Dress up as a duck.

For the past three weeks students in Suarez classes have been working on rope jumping skills to raise money for the American Heart Association in the school’s annual Jump Rope for Heart/Hoops for Heart service project.  Students participated in challenges like 100, 250 or 500 jumps without a miss, long rope challenges and partner tricks.  Students in fifth and sixth grade also played 3-on-3 basketball to raise money in the Hoops for Heart program.

The idea to dress up as a duck for a day came about when one of the incentives students could earn through the fundraiser were various rubber duckies. Suarez set a fundraising goal of $10,000 and told students if they hit that goal, he would show up to school quacking. Students not only hit the goal, but surpassed it and sent Suarez on the hunt for a duck suit.

The Jump Rope for Heart program is special to Jordan Creek because, in the past, students at the school have received support from the American Heart Association.

The program is a perfect way for students to directly help those with heart disease as well as work to strengthen their own hearts.  With obesity and health concerns on the rise, combining movement with learning improves cardiovascular fitness as well as brain function.  

Board Approves Pool of Candidates for Site Base Review Councils

The West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education voted 4-0 to approve a pool of individuals who will serve on interview teams for the Teacher Leaders hiring process. The interview teams – or Site Based Review Councils – will interview applicants for Teacher Leadership positions. The list of possible interview team members is available here>> http://ow.ly/vfIbq (page 2).


Seid Receives Outstanding Alumni Award

SeidCWDMCS Interim Associate Superintendent for Human Resources Carol Seid has received the Drake University School of Education Outstanding Alumni Award.

Prior to her role as interim associate superintendent, Seid had served as principal of Fairmeadows Elementary since 2006. She started her career in education in 1987 as an elementary special education teacher in the Des Moines Public School District.  She later became an elementary vice-principal in the Des Moines district in 2001 and a principal in 2002.  Seid received her bachelor’s degree in elementary education, master’s degree in special education and is currently working on her doctorate in educational leadership, all from Drake University.

Drake University News Story

Life in the WDMCS 3/31/14

Life in the WDMCS 3/31/2014

Life in the WDMCS is a weekly feature that highlights what is happening at each of our buildings. If a school is not listed, there was no submission from that building this week.

Clive Elementary

Clive fourth grade students are learning about prejudice and discrimination in classroom guidance class. They are learning that many groups of people have been discriminated against throughout history and that discrimination still happens sometimes today. The students were able to deepen their learning through a presentation from the Iowa Department for the Blind. Students from the Iowa Department for the Blind shared their life experiences with the Clive students.  They also shared about experiences with discrimination and adaptations they are able to make to help themselves with daily tasks and work. The Clive students were able to ask questions, make connections, and gain an understanding of kindness and empathy for people who may be different from themselves.

Crossroads Park Elementary

Third and fourth graders at Crossroads Park have started preparing for their music program, “Music Matters!” to be presented on Friday, May 2 at 2:30 p.m. in the gym.  The program features songs showing how music is used to learn science, social studies, math, foreign languages, good character and more!  We hope you will join us then!

The following Crossroads Park Elementary sixth graders were selected for the WDMCS Honor Choir: Mary Thomas, Brindy Arredondo, Katie Richards, Anna Rader, Melanie Wallace, Samantha Greene, Caleb Peel, Makena Dhont, Alivia Fergus, Jaden Lee, Katie Richardson and Emmy Richardson. Rehearsals are on Mondays and Fridays. The final concert will be May 6  7:00 PM at Lutheran Church of Hope West Des Moines campus.

Fairmeadows Elementary

Staff and students at Fairmeadows are focusing on being people of good character.  The staff at Fairmeadows chose students they felt were showing the pillars of character in all parts of the school day.  These students showed the staff they are responsible, respectful, trustworthy, fair, caring and good citizens. Students received a special certificate, pencil, and have their picture taken for display. Students included for the month of April are: Evan Beargeon, Adelyn Porter, Gentrit Emerllanu, Levi Johnson, Anthony Phan, Jeremiah Calvert, Kelsey Kinney, Kyler Reed, Finn Boettger, Conner Helm, Mikaylee Nairm, Mason Stoltze, Holly Fess, Vivian Touma, Gabe Faith, Tommy Kinney, Jordan Langel, Raleigh Benz, Zoe Dougherty, Olivia Wall, Kiefer Churchill, Aidan Limback, Abby Whitson, Taeshawn Young, Ben Fess, Martin Hachmann, Ally Hoffa, Reagan Porter, Caleb Foster-Krueger, Hannah Pratt, Hailey Saltzman, Nathan Freeman, Jaden Langel, Cordy Bennethum, Dea Baftiq, Aidan Offerman, Levi Janssen, Amy Scott, Anna Scott, Ben Diaz, Calvin Phan, Chloe Weedman, Regan Day, Eliza Terranova-Tweedy, Audrey Hronich, and Bella Zarling.    Congratulations!

Hillside Elementary

Families from Hillside Elementary were invited to Food, Family and Fun Nightrecently.  The event was hosted by the Hillside Elementary Title I program.  All students and their families were invited to come enjoy a free dinner of walking tacos and tator tots and then attend three fun and informational sessions.  The sessions included literacy activities and math games to help enhance students’ academics at home as well as a computer lab session that will introduce students and parents to websites that support and enrich their learning.  All students received a free book to take home at the end of the evening!

Jordan Creek Elementary

Jordan Creek’s Circle of Friends program has had a lot of fun the past few months. In December, the group had a movie party, in January they went swimming, in February they hit the tubes out at Sleepy Hollow, and coming up in March they are roller skating. In addition to our exciting events outside of school the group has held monthly lunch bunches at school to prompt friendships and conversation.

Westridge Elementary

Westridge Elementary third grade students have been “shocked” by science.  The Science Center of Iowa gave an outstanding presentation about electricity as students learned about protons, electrons, neutrons, static electricity, conductors, insulators, Nikola Tesla and his coil, Thomas Edison and his light bulb, and so on.  Several students assisted with various experiments.  At the conclusion, students formed a circle and joined hands.  A “shock” was sent through the circuit.  Westridge Elementary graciously thanks Mid-American Energy for providing this opportunity for our students.

Stilwell Junior High

Stilwell’s Team I students recently took time to celebrate their own success stories by focusing on those with outstanding participation in school activities and applauding those students who made the team A and B Honor Rolls for second quarter. Those students receiving Academic Recognition for their school work on the Team I are as follows:  Rachel Aksamit, Viridiana Alba, Vivian Alba, Aisha Amed, Caley Backstrom, Maria Barbosa, Maggie Baughman, Colton Bauman, Abigail Beal, Jedeh Bohn, David Bone, Tyler Bruinekool, Michael Bryan, Angela Cary,  Logan Castle, Natalie Cela-Quito,  Kaleb Dale, Chas Dekovic, Preston Doerrfeld, Chloe Dreyer,  Cooper Earle, Alisson Espinoza, Bethany Evans, Drew Falco, Ashley Farwell, Sydney Fisher, Ruby Fultz,  Adamarys Gamboa,  Austin Graff, J. LeAnn Grandia, Troy Hall, Tyler Hammen,  Emma Haupert,  Deja Haynes, Kade Hatcher, Matthew Hsieh,  Sam Ingoli,  Kameron Jilak, Nick Johnson, Jared Jones, J. J. Kapur, Mia Klaric, Kyle Koeller, Brenna Kokichi-Williamson, Kayla Laufenberg, Grayson Leaders, Grace Lincoln, Joey McNunn, Luke Matney, Sarah Miksch, Jackson Miller,  Susanna Moore,  Hannah Olson, Alex Peterson, Riley Plummer, Katie Reha, Marisa Rethman, Ali Rudolf,  Connor Russo, Noah Samples, Abigail Scott, Ericka Serrano,  Hannah Taylor, Devon Tedder, Jack Tellner, Elliot Thornton, Nash Willham, Carly Wyble, Jennifer Yanqui and Eloysa Zarate.