Weather Closings

Cancellations, Dismissals, and Closings

How Are They Determined?

In the event that severe weather conditions dictate the need to delay the beginning of school or cancel school entirely, the following procedures will be used:

  1. Prior to 5 a.m., the transportation specialist and team coaches drive the district routes to determine the safety of transportation.
  2. Consultation occurs with weather forecasting sources, city public works departments, and neighboring school systems.
  3. In consultation with the CFO and/or the Superintendent, a decision is normally made by no later than 5:30 a.m. to delay the beginning of the school day by one hour or two hours, or to cancel school.
  4. If the decision is made to delay the beginning of the school day, conditions may change enough to warrant cancellation. The decision to cancel school following a decision to delay will usually be made no later than 7 a.m.

How Will I Know?

Emergency Notification System
The district’s emergency notification system will be used to notify district families and employees of weather-related cancellations, dismissals, and other emergency situations. The information (i.e. landline, cell phone numbers and email addresses) comes from the data you provide to your school for Infinite Campus.

To receive a call, make sure you have an Infinite Campus account. If you do not have an account, call your school office. If you have questions or need assistance, your school office can answer your questions or update your information. You may also follow these instructions to change your information:

Step-by-Step Guide

Please be sure to let your school office know if your contact information changes.

You also have the option to choose which phone number(s) will receive the emergency notification calls.

  • Log in to Infinite Campus.
  • Once in Infinite Campus, click on ‘Contact Preferences’ at the bottom left. This screen shows a table of your phone numbers and the different features Infinite Campus offers.
  • Check the boxes to the right of the phone number(s) to indicate which types of messages should be directed to each phone number.
  • Check the HIGH PRIORITY box for all phones that SHOULD be called for weather notifications.
  • Click “Save.”

Weather Hotline: 515-633-5555
An up-to-date recording about weather-related cancellations, dismissals and closings will be made available by calling 515-633-5555.

District Weather Hotline


How Will I Know? - Additional Sources

If school must be cancelled, delayed or dismissed early because of weather conditions or other emergencies, announcements will be made on the following:

Social Media
District Facebook Page
Twitter @WDMCS

TV Stations
KCCI - Channel 8
FOX - Channel 17
WHO - Channel 13
WOI - Channel 5

AM Stations
WHO 1040, KXNO 1460, KRNT 1350, KPSZ 940, KWKY 1150 and KPSZ 940

FM Stations
KISS 107.5, The Bus 100.3, Capital 106.3, STAR 102.5, KIOA 93.3, Lazer 103.3, Lite 104.1, KGGO 94.9, KJJY 92.5, KWQW 98.3, KHKI 97.9 and KZZQ 99.5