Our School Board

2017 Board of Education

The school board of the West Des Moines Community Schools is here to serve you and govern the school district.

  • The school board is made up of seven individuals representing the parents and citizens of our community.
  • The members are elected at-large by residents of our district community.
  • They receive no compensation for their service.
  • Each school board member is elected for a term of four years. Terms are staggered to ensure continuity of leadership.
  • Elections are held bi-annually in odd-numbered years on the second Tuesday in September.

The role of the school board is to:

  • Set policy for the school district.
  • Select an executive officer and delegate to that officer the authority for carrying out the policies, plans and administrative details.
  • Determine the operational efficiency of the schools not only in dollars and cents, but also in the results of instruction.

Past Board Presidents

2004-05 John Ambroson
2005-06 Deb Thomas
2006-07 Jill Hansen
2007-08 Barbara Burnett
2008-09 Mark Lyons
2009-10 Terry Tobin
2010-11 Tom Suckow
2011-12 H. Milton Cole
2012-13 Elizabeth Brennan
2013-14 Elizabeth Brennan
2014-15 David J. Brown
2015-16 Dr. Vicky Poole
2016-17 Tali Greenspon




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