Proposed Maps

The enrollment data for the proposed maps is based on all students who live in our district  attending their resident school. This means that students who live in the attendance boundary of one school but have transferred to another school in our district would return to their resident or “home” school.  This includes all voluntary transfers and “capped out” students. This would not include special education students who attend programming only offered in certain schools.

Proposed Map C5 Enrollment Summary for C5

Proposed Map C4 Enrollment Summary for C4

Proposed Map C3* 

Proposed Map C2*

*The maps are in .pdf format. Please use the .pdf tools to enlarge and zoom in on each map.

Enrollment Summary  (Additional Information Added Per Community Request)

Enrollment Changes by School (Document Added Per Community Request)

Grandfather Clause/Voluntary Transfer Proposal


Public Feedback From 11-8-14 Session