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Covering 36.6 square miles, our district boundaries are rather irregular, but generally lie:

  • north of Warren and Madison County lines,
  • south of Urbandale Avenue,
  • east of the Dallas County line and
  • west of 63rd Street

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The map is color-coded to reflect:

  • the eight elementary school attendance areas, and
  • the two junior high school attendance areas.

All students living within the WDMCS district attend Valley Southwoods Freshman High School for ninth grade and Valley High School for grades 10-12.

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The following is a list of schools in our district that provide – or feed – our other schools with students as they progress in their education. These are called “feeder schools.”

  • Indian Hills Junior High: Clive, Crestview, Crossroads Park and Westridge
  • Stilwell Junior High: Fairmeadows, Hillside, Jordan Creek and Western HIlls
  • Valley Southwoods Freshman High School: Serves all freshman
  • Valley High School: Serves grades 10-12
  • Walnut Creek Campus: Alternative high school

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If you have questions regarding the map or if your address is close to a boundary, please contact Joy Zuber, the district registrar, at (515) 633-5101 or zuberj@wdmcs.org.

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To learn more about an individual school in the WDMCS, please feel free to contact them directly.

Printed Map

District boundary maps are available in print by sending your request to buckl@wdmcs.org.