Human Resources

The Human Resources department oversees one of our district’s greatest resources – our employees. The department strives to provide our students and parents with a talented, knowledgeable and dedicated workforce by:

  • reaching out locally and nationally to recruit quality and diverse staff members;
  • supporting professional development and training; and
  • fostering an engaging and caring work environment.

The department supports more than 1,300 employees, substitutes and our retiree recognition program.

Contact Us

Carol Seid
Interim Associate Superintendent
(515) 633-5037

Dr. Lori Diebel
(515) 633-5038

Janelle Green
Assistant Director
(515) 633-5036

Jackie Armstrong
(515) 633-5031

William Bird
Beginning Teacher/Mentor Coordinator
(515) 633-5032

Suzanne Buchanan
(515) 633-5117

Marilyn Coleman
Executive Assistant
(515) 633-5033

Elaine Lindaman
Salary Specialist
(515) 633-5034