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Session 2 of Bricks for Kidz® Starting Next Week

legosLight, cameras, LEGO® action! Use LEGO® bricks to tell YOUR story complete with music, special effects, and all your favorite LEGO® mini-figures! In this unique and creative camp, students will plan, script, stage, shoot, and produce their own mini-movie using Stop Motion Animation. Working as a team, students will use LEGO® components to build the set and props then shoot their movie using a camera. Teams will use movie-making software to add special effects, titles, credits, and more. When the movie is complete, campers will impress friends and family with a screening party on the last day of camp. Don’t miss your chance to be a movie producer! All campers will take home a custom mini-figure and a certificate, and will be sent a DVD of their movie creation.

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 Click on links below to see the mini-movies from last years Bricks 4 Kidz camp.


Terror Train

The Last of Us