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Instructor Tips: Debbie Marshall — First Impressions

written by Alexandra Wade

For our first Instructor Tips post, we invited Debbie Marshall, owner and founder of Thrive Coaching and Consulting, to give us a few tips about first impressions. Marshall will be teaching the “Does Your Appearance Make a First Impression Before You Do?” LEARNwest class from 6:30—8:30 on Thursday, Oct. 16., in Indian Hills Junior High Room 1218.

Debbie Marshall, founder and owner of Thrive Coaching and Consulting

Debbie Marshall, founder and owner of Thrive Coaching and Consulting

Debbie Marshall’s Tips on First Impressions

Make a Positive Impression
First impressions are made in seven seconds. If your first impression does not convey polished, confident and successful, anything you say after that is impacted in a negative way.

Don’t Ignore Your Appearance
Ignoring our appearance minimizes the efforts we put into the other parts of our life. If we work hard to get a degree, spend time training and improving our skills and knowledge, or getting fit, it’s counterproductive to ignore our appearance.

Look Good to Feel Good
There is no doubt that when we look good, we feel good. When our clothes are too tight, too baggy, outdated, or inappropriate to the situation we’re in, we tend to shrink, hide, not speak up and reflect low self esteem.

Did you like these quick and effective instructor tips? Watch for more Instructor Tips posts, the third week of every month.