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Art Adventures with Erica Jaramillo

WDMCS Community Education’s Summer of Learning program, Art Adventures is a great way for children to express themselves.  It is offered in two ages groups; one for those students entering first through third grade, and two for students entering fourth through seventh grade.

Erica Jaramillo, Art Adventures program instructor and Crossroads Park Elementary teacher, is the instructor for the fourth through seventh grade students. This year Jaramillo has a lot of exciting projects planned for each session. She is excited for the students to enjoy learning about new artists, and especially the unfamiliar art materials they will get to work with.

“Many students may have not had the experience using charcoal and kneaded erasers.  That medium can be a very fun, and a little messy, one to work with,” Jaramillo said.  She is also planning a self-portrait project, and a collage for students.

The class offers some new techniques for students to learn such as using screen printing ink to create prints from foam trays, using subtractive method to lighten charcoal drawings, combining colors in oil pastels to create new shades, and much more.

If your student is signed up for both morning and afternoon sessions, no need to worry about them creating the same thing twice.  Jamarillo has two projects planned for each session to add variety and creativity amongst students.

“There’s no wrong way to make art, and everyone can do something artistic, so come and join the fun.  Just be prepared, we may get messy,” Jamarillo said.