Teacher Leadership Study

The West Des Moines Community Schools is researching ways to offer our teachers formal leadership roles in the area of instruction and receive compensation for the increased responsibilities.

Why? In short,

  • to improve student growth.
  • to offer more career opportunities for our teachers,
  • to support teachers, and
  • to strengthen instruction in our schools.

To conduct the study, the district has established a Teacher Leadership Committee. The committee has approximately 19 members who represent:

  • teachers,
  • the West Des Moines Education Association,
  • building-level administrators,
  • district-level administrators,
  • parents, and
  • School Board members.

After conducting its research, the committee may:

  • select a model for how our district would provide instructional leadership opportunities for teachers;
  • develop an implementation plan.

See the information to the right to learn more and to see the most recent committee updates.