No Child Left Behind

The WDMCS provides students with an exceptionally high quality education. We are proud of our reputation of educational excellence and the strong test scores our students achieve across the district.

In fact, in many areas our students outpace state goals and averages.

However, under the criteria of the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation, some of our schools have been cited as “Schools in Need of Assistance” (SINA) by the Iowa Department of Education. In addition, our district has been identified as a District in Need of Assistance (DINA). Please see the resources below for more information.

We are Taking Action

  • We are implementing a plan to improve student achievement at every level. To learn more, please see our DINA plan below.
  • Schools are working to identify students near or in the low proficiency groups, determine the services that are being provided to these students and develop additional ways to assist the students.
  • Each school sets building-wide improvement goals directly related to addressing gaps in student achievement.
  • Teachers continue to identify and implement a number of instructional strategies and other activities to help all students achieve.
  • True success is meeting the educational needs of all learners by providing a personalized learning experience as they progress through their academic career with us.

How Parents Can Help

Please join our efforts to help all students achieve at their highest levels.

  • Assure your child has a healthy breakfast and plenty of sleep.
  • Ask your student about class lessons and homework.
  • Make sure your student is at school – every day, if at all possible.
  • Attend conferences; be involved in your child’s education.


Under the federal NCLB law, public school districts and public schools must report:

  • the academic progress of all students in grades 3 to 8 and 11
  • student academic progress by subgroups, which include race, ethnicity, low-income status, special education status, and more
  • student test participation rates in the subject areas of reading and mathematics
  • elementary and middle school average daily attendance (ADA) rates
  • high school graduation rates

A school is designated as a SINA if it does not meet the AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) state participation goals or state Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO) in reading or mathematics assessment in either the “all students” group or any one of the subgroups for two consecutive years.

In addition, a school is designated as a SINA if it does not meet the goals for its other academic indicators (kindergarten to 8th grade average daily attendance rate or high school graduation rate) for two consecutive years.

Only schools receiving federal funding under Title I face sanctions if identified. Schools remain identified until they have met AYP (Annual Yearly Progress) for two consecutive years.


DINA Plan (pdf)

DINA Plan Overview (pdf)

Progress Report (pdf)

DINA Committee Members List (pdf)


NCLB State Report

SINA Notification Letters

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Personalized Learning Plan Committee

Transitions Committee

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Glossary of Terms

AMO (Annual Measurable Objectives)
A minimum percentage of students who must meet or exceed the proficient level of academic achievement on a standardized test

AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress)
A measure of year-to-year improvement in student achievement

(DINA) District in Need of Assistance
A district that does not meet all requirements of NCLB for two consecutive years

(SINA) School in Need of Assistance
A school that does not meet all requirements of NCLB for two consecutive years. (The law requires that every parent at a SINA school receive a letter explaining the designation.)

Watch List
A list of schools and/or school districts that do not meet all requirements of NCLB for one year