The WDMCS curriculum is embedded in sound, successful and researched-based perspectives of the past, yet continues to be a fluid, dynamic instrument of the present. The teachers of WDMCS endeavor to implement ideas and skills that reflect the ever-changing technology and cultural changes of our society and needs of our learners.

The goals of the district’s educational curriculum are to assist each student to:

  1. Develop basic learning-communicating-thinking skills.
  2. Acquire an understanding of and regard for his/her physical and emotional development.
  3. Understand living things, the physical world and technology.
  4. Develop an understanding and appreciation of the visual and performing arts.
  5. Learn to live as a contributing member within our democratic society.
  6. Acquire an awareness of career opportunities and the work environment.

To learn more about what your student will learn at each grade level, please see the links to the left.

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