Teacher and student at desk in classroom.


The WDMCS has long been known for offering a comprehensive education with variety, depth, and rigor.

For example, our high school alone has more than 200 course offerings. From digital animation to advanced environmental sciences, the range of classes allows our students to discover and prepare for their life’s journey.

The opportunity to uncover talents and develop skills starts early. For instance, Spanish is offered to all students beginning in fourth grade. This focus on global education extends through high school, where Spanish, French, German, Latin, and Chinese language and cultural studies are offered—more foreign languages than nearly any other school in Iowa.

Music education also begins early. In addition to general music instruction, students may join orchestra as early as fourth grade and band as early as fifth. WDMCS is proud to have one of the state’s only Artful Learning schools, inspired by Leonard Bernstein, where academic learning is stimulated and deepened through the arts.

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