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School Board Sets District Priorities

On May 4th, the West Des Moines School Board of Education identified the following district priorities for the next 10-12 months:

  • effective grading practices,
  • personalized learning (New Tech, online learning),
  • community outreach, and
  • professional learning communities (PLCs).

These priorities are aligned with an overarching goal of equity and student achievement and were selected from the district’s strategic plan developed in 2014. A possible additional priority to align finances with the strategic plan will be discussed at a later work session.

The Board asked Superintendent Dr. Lisa Remy to write action steps under each priority area, which she will present to the Board at a later meeting.

The Board also reviewed its “What Graduates Will Know and Be Able to Do” statement developed at its March 7 meeting.

The statement is: “A West Des Moines Community Schools graduate will possess the essential skills and integrity to communicate, collaborate, and solve problems as a confident citizen, embracing our diverse and changing world.”

The statement provides a goal for the Board aligned with the district’s mission and vision. The Board will continue its to further define its role in moving the organization forward during upcoming workshop sessions.


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