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Boundary Committee Reviewing Feedback

The WDMCS Boundary Committee meets November 17 at 7 p.m. at the Learning Resource Center to review feedback from the recent public forums and survey to provide a recommendation to the district superintendency for changes to the district’s attendance boundaries. It will also consider a recommendation regarding a proposed grandfather clause to the school attendance boundary change options. The committee meeting is open to observers.

Three public feedback sessions were held and an online survey was posted on two proposed maps – C2 and C3. The enrollment data for the proposed maps is based on all students who live in our district attending their resident school. This means that students who live in the attendance boundary of one WDMCS school but have transferred to another school in our district would return to their resident or “home” school in the district. This includes voluntary transfers and “capped out” students. This would not include special education students who attend programming only offered in certain schools.

A recommendation based on the committee’s work will be presented to the School Board on November 24 during its workshop session. The Board will be asked to vote on the recommendation on December 8 during its regular meeting.

For more information on the boundary change proposals, visit or call 633-5023.

Topics: Boundary Study