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School Board Meeting Highlights from Aug. 11

Special Education Services Updated
On August 11, the West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) Board of Education approved a revised plan for delivering services to students eligible for special education.

A major change will be the terms used to describe services. The new terms are designed to be easy to adopt and clearly define the services provide. Services will now be described as Supplementary, Targeted, Intensive and Concentrated. Prior to this, the terms used were Level 1, 2, or 3.

WDMCS Director of Special Education Kerry Ketcham said the goal was to create more flexible services to meet student needs. For example, he said a student receiving special education services may be highly functional in academics, therefore not need academic assistance. However, the student may need extensive socialization services. Services provided will match this child’s unique needs. In addition, the tools used to document services will now reflect students’ needs rather than funding levels.

The five-year plan was updated by a 25-member committee made up of special education teachers, general education teachers, parents of students receiving special education services, administrators and area educational agency representatives. In addition, the committee gathered input on the plan through a survey send to all parents in the district this summer. For more information on WDMCS Special Education Services, please contact Ketcham at 633-5072 or

Meeting agendas and full minutes are available on the district website:

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