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Board Highlights from April 7

Board Sets Tax Rate, Approves Certified Budget
On April 7, the WDMCS school board approved the district’s 2014-15 certified budget, which sets the tax rate for the upcoming year.

The tax rate for the West Des Moines Community Schools was set at $13.26452. This is the same as the 2013-14 tax rate, with no increase.

WDMCS has the lowest tax rate in the metro area. The district can maintain a low tax rate due, in part, to the district’s high property value. The district currently levies the maximum amount of property taxes it is allowed to by state law.

Board Approves Special Education Committee
The WDMCS school board approved on April 7 a committee of approximately 24 people representing, parents, special education teachers, administrators and more to serve on a special education committee.

Every five years the state of Iowa requires school districts to update their plan for delivering special education services. The service delivery plan is detailed in the special education handbook provided to parents. The West Des Moines Community School District’s must submit an updated plan by September 15, 2014. The first step in completing the process is to form a committee with specific representation. Representation comes from all levels and parts of the district and includes general education and special education teachers, administrators, the Area Education Agenda (AEA) staff, and parents.

The committee will begin its work to review and revise the service delivery plan this month. There will be a period for public comment this summer on a draft of the revised plan, which will be up for board approval in August.

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