Preliminary Budget-Cutting Proposal to Go to School Board in February

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The district’s preliminary budget-cutting package is currently scheduled to be reviewed by the School Board at its February 10 meeting.

The goal was originally to have the School Board review the draft package in January.

However, due to the large number of cost-cutting ideas submitted by staff, administrators, parents and community members, the Business Services and Human Resources departments are still working to document the costs associated with each option.

More than 150 total cost-saving suggestions were submitted by staff, parents and community members January 2-14 through an online submission form as part of the district’s budgeting process.

In addition, building principals, district administrators, the employee unions and the Superintendent Advisory Committees, which include School Board members, generated more than a total of 200 cost-saving suggestions.

The district is working on scheduling meetings in February for staff, parents and the community to provide feedback on the proposed cost-cutting package before the administration submits a final package recommendation to the School Board in March. The dates and times of the staff and community meetings will be announced once they are finalized.

The district plans to reduce approximately $3 million each year for the next two years based on preliminary budget estimates. The district is using a decision-making process call Tregoe to determine ways to reduce spending.


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