Parents & Community Submit Over 150 Cost-Saving Ideas

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More than 150 cost-saving suggestions were submitted by parents and community members Jan. 2-14 through an online submission form as part of the district budgeting process. The WDMCS plans to reduce approximately $3 million each year for the next two years based on preliminary budget estimates. The district is using a decision-making process call Tregoe to determine ways to reduce spending.

On Jan. 16, building principals and department directors scored the submitted items against a set of 13 evaluation criteria. Prior to this, the district and building leaders also submitted ideas and scored the additional suggestions along with those submitted by the employee unions.

The School Board will review the suggested cost-cutting items in January. In February/March, parents and community members will be invited to provide feedback on the proposed cost-cutting package before it is submitted to the School Board in March for approval.

Budget Myth Buster No. 2
 The district can raise taxes to cover the projected deficit and cuts are not needed.

The Iowa Code through the school funding formula places limits on each of the property tax rate components. The district is currently at the statutory maximum and is not able to increase the general fund property tax rate any further.