Board Highlights from Oct. 14

Iowa Core & WDMCS

“What did you learn today?” is a common question parents ask their children after school. A good source for the answer is the Iowa Core. The Iowa Core outlines what students in our state should know, understand and be able to do in the areas of math, literacy, science and social studies. It also includes the 21st century skills of employability, financial, health, technology and civic literacy.

During a School Board workshop held Oct. 14, WDMCS Curriculum Directors Shane Scott and Steph Wilson provided an overview of the Iowa Core. They explained that the Iowa Core was signed into law in 2008 and must be fully implemented by school districts by 2014. For the past few years, teachers and the curriculum directors have been working to ensure our curriculum is aligned to the Iowa Core. Our curriculum already covered much of what is outlined in Iowa Core. However, one change that will need to be made is in the area of mathematics. Starting with7th graders, the district will teach statistics and probability to all students by the time they graduate. The district is currently developing a plan to include these concepts in Geometry and Algebra II courses. A proposal for this addition will be presented at the November 11 School Board workshop.

For more information on the Iowa Core, please visit the Iowa Department of Education’s website at

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