Board Approves Valley Phase 3 Base Bids

The West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education approved base bids for the last phase of the Valley High School project October 24, 2012, with a total contract amount of $25.4 million. This phase of the project primarily includes a new 1,140 seat auditorium, new performing arts practice space and a renovated north academic wing.

The board approved the based bids at a special meeting, after a public hearing was held on the project’s last phase. There were no participants in the public hearing.

The district received bids – or prices – from construction contractors for the work on Thursday, Oct. 18. The bids came in approximately $1.4 million below the estimated budget.

Additional projects for this last phase of the renovation had been identified as alternates to potentially be included should bids come in lower than expected. The administration recommended several projects to include in the renovation from the total list alternate projects. However, no determination was made at the Wednesday night meeting regarding any alternates. The board requested the administration review future building projects to determine if additional monies may be made available. The board will review all alternates identified for the project at a later meeting.

Phase 3 of the Valley renovation project was originally bid over a year ago, at which time bids came in significantly higher than the budget. The district chose to re-bid Phase 3 of the project this fall after adjusting the scope and adding additional funds.

The Valley project began as part of the district’s master plan for facilities. From 2008-2010, teachers, administrators and community members developed a master plan for facilities upgrades. The purpose of this planning was to insure district facilities continued to support quality educational programming. Improvements to Valley High School were included in this plan. The primary areas identified for improvement were vocal/orchestra/drama/speech, science, special education, cafeteria/dinning, family and consumer sciences, and fitness/PE/activities.

The renovation project will be funded through sales tax revenue and a FEMA grant.