WDMCS Board Approves Retirement Plan, Fresh Fruit Program and More

The West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education held its annual meeting Sept. 10, 2012, and took the following action:

  • approved the proposed 2013-2014 Early Retirement Plan, which has no changes from the previous year’s plans, to allow eligible district staff to have the opportunity to plan further in advance when making a decision concerning retirement;
  • approved a renewal contract with Candeo to offer work experience opportunities to special education students. There is no cost to the district as the program is currently funded through donations provided to Candeo from the Holes for Hope organization;
  • approved Student Assistance Program and Employee Assistance Program contract addendums with no significant changes from past years and no rate increase;
  • approved the participation of Crestview Elementary School, Hillside Elementary School, and Phenix Early Childhood Center in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013. This is a renewal for Phenix and a new program for Crestview and Hillside. UDSA will provide funds for a snack of a fresh fruit or vegetable daily for all students at Crestview, Hillside and Phenix;
  • approved an agreement to provide meals to the Drake University Head Start Programs operating in the district. There are three programs: Phenix Head Start at Phenix Early Childhood Center, Ashworth Head Start, and Ashworth Toddler program at 1025 28th Street, West Des Moines. Each program has a morning and afternoon session with about 16 students per session for Head Start and eight students for the toddler program;
  • approved a contract with the Immunization Registry Information System (IRIS), which is used by each school to access a statewide database of a student’s immunization history and vaccine inventory management, as well as provide the school district the ability to search for and update a student immunization records;
  • approved a resolution and application ranking regarding the Prairie Meadows Community Betterment grant for the WDMCS Foundation Booster Pak, the FIRST Tech Robotics Team and the Valley Band Boosters;
  • denied one open enrollment request due to insufficient classroom space;
  • approved an addition to the Preschool Handbook that was omitted and is a policy that must be referenced for Iowa Quality Preschool Program Standards verification;
  • approved the district’s School Budget Review Committee request for allowable growth and a supplement aid payment for the district’s negative special education balance for the 2011-12 school year with the amount of the supplemental aid payment to be calculated by the Department of Management after all special education balances have been finalized;
  • approved the consent agenda including personnel resignations, recommendations, support staff new hires, certified staff initial contracts, minutes from the August 27 workshop and regular meeting and the August 28 special meeting, and the following facilities items –
  • Walnut Creek Campus change orders to L.A. Fulton & Sons to eliminate kitchen transport cart from contract and install water line to refrigerator in Teacher Workroom (-$3,670);
  • VHS Improvements 2011 Phase 2 change orders to Forrest & Associate to patch brick to cover an existing footing at the ramp ($812), to Hansen Company to install fluid applied vapor barrier in air plenum ($6,414), to Nikkel and Associate, Inc. to furnish power to 14 food lab exhaust hoods, to furnish new circuit breaker for FEMA transformer, and to furnish empty conduit for future door operator at west entry ($7,057), to Olympic Companies to add spray foam insulation above vestibule, to provide and install wall framing behind louvers, and caulk butt joints in steel lintels ($3,757);
  • Westridge Elementary Exterior Renovations Project change order to Academy Roofing and Sheet Metal to wire brush and prime or repair rusted metal studs at EIFS removal area ($ 3,218.25);
  • Stilwell Phase III change orders to NAI ($4,045) for WDSM fire Marshal change requests ($3,441), to remove and repipe Kiln Room exhaust fan feeder for removal of boilers, to demo empty conduit used for temporary fiber optic cable that was pulled out by Baker Electric, to the Olympic Wall Systems (-$5,475.80) for a new CMU wall in the Gym behind the EWC – prime and paint the new CMU, replace the acoustical ceilings and grilles in the locker room/fitness entrances, use alternate material for the stainless steel column covers to match the existing Cafeteria column covers, change ACT-2 tile from Radar Ceramic ClimaPlus per specifications to VinylRock which is comparable, delete the wallcovering and use accent paint in the Practice Room 1154A since the existing walls are block, to Hansen ($2,570) to replace the existing fire extinguisher and cabinet in the Cafeteria with a new one, install 3-piece manhole casting on existing manhole at public sidewalk, modify (4) columns in the filed by adding extensions to the bottom so they can be welded to the existing 16×36 steel beam, add PLam counter and backsplash to Girls Locker Room 1142, to Seedorff Masonry, Inc ($736) for new CMU wall in Gym behind the new EWC, to Boelter ($3,990) to modify the sneezeguards that were specified to match the kitchen equipment needs;
  • accepted the June 30, 2012 depository bank balances as presented;
  • approved the bills for payment dated September 10, 2012 in the amount of $4,996,902.50.

Above is copy of the published minutes provided to print media in accordance with Iowa Code 279.35. This is not the official minutes of the board meeting, but a quick rundown of action taken. Official board minutes must be approved by the board per Policy 212.1 and then are posted on our website (www.wdmcs.org).