Facilities Fees & Online Facilities Software Approved

The West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education held a regular meeting on June 11, 2012, and took the following action:

  • approved the 2012-2013 Facility Use Fee recommendation with the following proposed increases – $5/hour increase for cafeterias, community rooms, auditoriums at Stillwell, Indian Hills and Rex Mathes, and conference rooms at the LRC, $10/hour increase for the Stadium and $5 per hour for Stadium lights, $1/hour increase for the Building Supervisor fee, which is charged to all community users. For the full list of fees, please see PDF page 45 of the board packet;
  • approved an agreement with Distributed Website Corporation to provide web-based software solutions for the Community Education department, specifically included is the implementation, training, and hosting of rSchoolToday Facilities Scheduler for a total cost for year one of  $9,015 and a subsequent year cost of $3,300 for Facilities Scheduling;
  • approved the 2012-13 PPEL budget;
  • approved the Certified Staff Performance Evaluation Handbook and the Substitute Teachers and Nurses Handbook with the changes as presented;
  • approved a renewal of the agreement with the Des Moines Art Center for the 2012-2013 school year in the amount of $6,160, which is $280 more than last year’s agreement for students from the West Des Moines Community School District to receive scholarships to attend classes at the Des Moines Art Center. Twenty-eight scholarships at $220.00 each are offered to students of talent and need-based and there are two scholarships for each of the fourteen (14) school sites;
  • approved a student teaching and practicum agreement with Kaplan University;
  • waived the first reading of and approved Board Policy Series 200 (Board of Education) with the changes as presented. This includes the addition of four new policies in this series – Board Member Liability, Consent Agendas, Gifts to Members of the Board Of Directors, General Complaints By Citizens;
  • approved on a 6-1 vote with Lipman voting no the recommendation of the superintendent to terminate the contract of Chris Gilbertson effective at the end of the current school year for purposes of reduction in force and the additional recommendation of the Superintendent that she be offered a continuing contract as a regular, part-time employee with a 0.875 FTE contract for the 2012-2013 school year;
  • approved the consent agenda including personnel resignations, recommendations, support staff new hires and certified staff initial contracts, minutes of the special meetings on April 24, 2012, May 31, 2012 & June 5, 2012 and the May 14, 2012 workshop and regular meeting, a student trip request by Jordan Creek Elementary for students to travel to Omaha, NE, to the Henry Doorly Zoo, and the following change orders;
  • approved VHS improvements 2011 Phase 2 change orders to Allied Construction Services ($0) to make modifications to wrestling room floor entry landing to accommodate district flooring change and to not demo carpet and patch floor in social studies rooms; to Concrete Technologies, Inc. ($0) to revise the food service roof curb layout; to  Des Moines Marble (-$125) to delete tile; to Forrest and Associate, Inc. (-$1,814)  to delete the cmu alcove around door and provide revised cast stone at hollow metal door jamb; to Hansen Company (-$548.00) to delete marker boards, millwork relocation, and installation of door; to Katelman Steel Fabrication, Inc. ($7,516) to delete tube steel at hollow metal door jamb, to add steel and fieldhouse bulkhead due to conflict with existing ductwork, to add angle and kickers at roof line and to grout beam pocket at column blockout; to Nikkel and Associate, Inc. ($230) to make revisions to electrical and lighting in social studies classrooms; to Olympic Companies (-$419) to not delete wall between two rooms; to Tri-City Electric Company ($325) to delete technology changes from room  and relocate data and clocks at 2343 and 2345; and to Wes Jarnagin (-$261) to delete paint at walls and door frame in room;
  • approved Walnut Creek Campus change orders to Van Maanen Electric ($1,307) to add light fixtures at restrooms; to Olympic Companies (-$651) to use 18ga angle at the soffits in lieu of 12ga; to Rochon Corporation ($3,138) to rebuild masonry joist bearing at two locations in a classroom, furnish a power supply for the card reader added at Corridor 013C01, caulk void in existing wall construction at the lower level windows, remove existing footing that interfered with the installation of the addition footings, provide tamper proof stainless steel fasteners at the trash enclosure gates, provide full height toilet partition doors at the handicap stalls; to L.A. Fulton & Sons ($1,652) to revise ductwork in main level south corridor to maintain ceiling height, insulate four existing roof drains and revise size of stainless steel kitchen tables;
  • approved Stilwell change orders to Hansen Company (-$63) to revise white boards at general music/consumer ed. room and delete furnish and install of door 1221A and to NAI ($7,325) to modify gym lighting;
  • approved a one-year service agreement for $59,474 from Siemens Building Technologies which is a continuation of the current annual service contact. The service agreement covers 16 of the district’s sites that have Siemens Building Automation Systems. Through the Siemens Building Systems the district manages the scheduling, operation of the building’s mechanical systems and utilities;
  • approved a supplemental proposal for SystemWorks commissioning services scope on Stilwell Junior High to add weekly walk-throughs of the project as installation is taking place, with specific focus on the mechanical and controls systems quality control during the installation period and includes 10 trips to the project site and is time and material not-to-exceed $7,200;
  • approved the same supplemental proposal for SystemWorks commissioning services scope as above, but for Walnut Creek Campus;
  • approved adjustments to the RDG design agreement to provide additional compensation for scope that was added and approved in the 12/20/10 Capital Cost budget with a total lump sum fee for this contract adjusted to $4,673,978 and reimbursable costs, primarily related to document printing are also included at an estimated amount of $372,000. Costs for these items are part of the 3/26/12 Capital Cost budget previously approved by the board and will be funded by sales tax assigned to the project;
  • approved RDG’s proposed hourly not-to-exceed price of $5,000 to examine the feasibility of retaining the northeast classrooms currently planned for demolition at Valley High School. Study is requested by the district and will include discussions with the City of West Des Moines relating to storm water management and parking count;
  • approved the annual engagement letter from the District’s external auditing firm;
  • approved the creation of a required “Sinking Fund” to collect revenue for payment of principal and interest on the $10,000,000 School Infrastructure Sales, Services and Use Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2012, sold on April 5, 2012. Subra explained that the required amount to be deposited in the Sinking Fund in any month shall be an amount equal to 1/6th of the installment of interest coming due on the next interest payment date on the then outstanding Sales Tax Bonds, plus 1/12th of the installment of principal coming due on such Sales Tax Bonds on the next succeeding principal payment date. The Authorization Agreement for Direct Payments (ACH Debits) creates a monthly transfer from West Bank to Bankers Trust Company to fund the Sales Tax Sinking Fund. The Bankers Trust AddVantage WebLink provides the district with electronic statements;
  • approved the bills dated June 11, 2012 in the amount of 6,261,975.77

Above is an informal summary of the actions of the West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education at recent meetings. This is provided as a service to district staff and the public. This is not the official minutes of the board meeting, but a quick rundown of action taken, not necessarily in chronological order. Official board minutes must be approved by the board per Policy 212.1 and then are posted on our website (www.wdmcs.org).