Westridge Kindergartners Celebrate 100 Days of School

100 Days of Kindergarten

Westridge students celebrate 100 days of kindergarten.

It was a special day for kindergartners throughout the West Des Moines Community Schools today. Over the weekend, they planned and counted in preparation for their 100th day of school.

Even though it had been 100 days, it didn’t feel like it to the students at Westridge Elementary.

“It just feels like two days,” said Dani Schnicker.

“It seems like we just got started,” added Frankie McEvoy.

Whether it’s two days or 100 days, students have been learning. Some of their favorite things included learning about the weather, clouds and how hot it gets, getting exercise in PE class, spelling words and working on writing.

100 Days of Kindergarten

Westridge students show off their 100-piece fruit loop necklaces and the 100 items they brought from home.

“I like math,” said Darrell Simmons. “We get to play games. The best one is where we roll two dice.”

As part of their day-long celebration, the kindergarten classes made 100-piece necklaces of fruit loops, did 100 exercises, made crowns, did a special connect-the-dots sheet with 100 dots and read the book “100 School Days.”

As a special assignment for the day, students picked an item from home and brought 100 of them to school for a museum of 100s. Students brought in everything from Legos and pennies to Cheerios and marshmallows.

After the excitement of the day, students and teachers had the same thought…YAY KINDERGARTEN!